in Panama: 507-6203-2603

North America: 305-515-9970

My father once told me to always play sports!! It will keep you young, healthy, and in shape!

I came to realize early in life that there is only one sport that can be played from age 4 to 94. Tennis is the name and playing is the game! Whether you just want to socialize all over the world through the game of tennis or if you want to find out if your child is gifted enough to get a tennis scholarship into Harvard, or if you just want to stay fit, tennis is a sure thing.

We specialize in teaching youngsters from age 4 to 94. Our teaching techniques and equipment are geared for all ages and levels.

So, if you are just visiting or would like your child to be included in an after-school program along the Pacific beaches in Panama, we are in Coronado, Vista Mar, Bijao, and Buenaventura. Another cool thing we do is come to you. If you have a court that you would like us to come to, we are there!

We also provide and sell tennis equipment from tennis balls to actual courts! If you break a string, just contact us.

Are you ready? Let's play!!
Call or text us in Panama at 507-6203-2603. You can also email, or click here to fill out our player sign-up form.